The 2020 Experience seeks workshops that will address areas/topics that impact the Obra Hispana, National Convocation and NAPAD communities. These topics include, but are not limited to, congregational life, faith formation, spiritual practice, and justice issues that impact our world.

Please complete this online application by December 6th.  

If you have any questions about workshops, you can email ItsReal@disciples.org.

2020 Education Experience Team

Rev. Hector Hernandez  |  Rev. Sheila P. Spencer  |  Rev. Hyoung Chel Tom Yang

Workshop Proposal for the 2020 EXPERIENCE, IT'S REAL

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Workshop Description:

(Keep in mind that workshops will be open for all attendees, but please let us know if your workshop is targeted toward a particular audience - for example – young adult, clergy, lay, women, etc.)

Materials Needed:

(Projector, screen, easel, easel pad, markers, pens, etc.)

Select your first and second workshop preference

Workshops will be offered on Thursday and Friday. 




There will be two workshop options for Thursday.

The first option will be workshop sessions that will have Part 1 and Part 2, that will be last for a total of three hours.  In this format, the first part will feature the topic by the presenters.  The Second Part will feature a panel with representatives of NAPAD, Obra Hispana and National Convocation that will contextualize the topic discussing practical strategies and examples of the topic. This time will conclude with at least 15 min. for Q&A.

The second option will be the opportunity to attend two different workshops for an hour and a half



I understand that the final selection of all the workshops and leaders is at the discretion of the Education Experience team.