2020 Annual Ministerial Standing Review Form

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Upper Midwest

In keeping with the Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Regions are responsible for reviewing and certifying the Standing of all ordained and commissioned Disciples clergy each year. When your Standing is acknowledged by the Region your name is listed in the official Year Book and Directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for the ensuing year.  Ministers with Standing may call upon the Christian Church for services, support, references, relocation assistance, denominational endorsement and scholarship aid.

Failure to Complete, Sign and Return this form by

Monday, January 20, 2020

Will indicate that you no longer desire Standing.  Thank you.


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One is commissioned in the CC(DoC) only when one is serving in a position that is ministerial in purpose.

Are you an INACTIVE RETIRED ORDAINED clergy or INACTIVE COMMISSIONED EMERITUS clergy with Standing in the CCUMW?  This means you no longer conduct any ministerial duties such as weddings, church services, pulpit supply, etc. 



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SECTION II - Professional Care 7 Development

To acquire or continue to hold Standing with the CC (DOC) in the UMW, each pastor will complete the following hours of continuing education each year:

     Full Time Clergy - 16 hours

     3/4 Time Clergy - 12 hours

     1/2 Time Clergy - 8 hours

     1/4 Time Clergy or Less - 4 hours

Classroom or Seminar-type studies, etc. = 1 credit hour per 50 minute contact period.  Self-guided study is also acceptable.  Reading a book: Approximately 250 pages = 1 credit hour. 

Boundary Training:

Every ACTIVE clergy with Standing in the Upper Midwest Region must have Boundary Training.  The Upper Midwest Region is currently in transition with regard to the Boundary Training requirement.  Beginning in 2020 (and reported on the form due in Jan. 2021), all clergy will be required to complete Boundary Training during that calendar year.  Multiple opportunities will be provided to complete this requirement.  Until that time, all clergy will be granted a grace period.  

Note: No Boundary Training reporting is required at this time, but every clergy in the Upper Midwest will need to complete a Boundary Training during the 2020 calendar year to be reported on the Standing Form due January 2021.

Anti-racism/Pro-reconciliation Experience:

Beginning in 2020 (and reported on the form due in Jan. 2021), all ACTIVE clergy will be required to complete an anti-racism or pro-reconciliation experience.  This experience must be 4 of the 16 total required continuing education hours for the 2020 calendar year.  Attendance in full at the 2020 Minister's Institute will fulfill this requirement.  The Committee on Ministry will also provide an acceptable list of other opportunities.  Clergy are encouraged to seek out opportunities to fulfill this requirement in ways that are pertinent to their community and ministry setting.  Proposals (other than Minister's Institute or the suggestion list) should be approved through the Regional Office.

Note: No reporting for anti-racism/pro-reconciliation is required on this form; however, the 4 CEU's must be completed during the 2020 calendar year and reported on the form due in Jan. 2021.

List your Continuing Ed hours for 2019: Please list number of hours for each training activity:

List the responsibilities accepted and services performed during the past 12 months:


I have read, understand and agree to abide by the following ministry policies of the region (available upon request to Regional office 515-255-3168 or click on Administrative Documents under 'Clergy" tab on the Regional Website (uppermidwestcc.org)

  • The Ministerial Code of Ethics
  • The Policies and Criteria for the Order of Ministry
  • The Regional Policy on Clergy Sexual and Ethical Conduct 
  • The Design for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Furthermore, I understand that these are the operational documents for the Region's Commission on Ministry and are the documents used by the Executive & Standing Commission in determining Ministerial Standing.

*** Personal Disclosure Statement ***

3.  Is there any other fact or circumstance in your background that should prevent you from being entrusted with the supervision, guidance, and care of children or youth?

Return by January 20, 2020. Please keep a copy of this form for your records.